Janet-45 Print and Publishing was established in 1992. Its founder and CEO is Mrs. Bozhana Apostolova, an award-winning poet and writer, a person of wide public recognition.

The first printing press, a second-hand MAN Roland200, was acquired in 1994. Since then, over 5 million еuro has been invested in state-of-the-art pre-press and printing equipment from leading manufacturers such as MAN Roland, Wohlenberg, Steinemann, Edale, MBO, Brandtjen & Kluge, Apple, Agfa, Gretag Macbeth, and Dainippon Screen.

In the beginning of 2005 Janet 45 embarked on a large investment, purchasing a last generation UV-flexographic press with 8 printing stations, in-line hot-stamping, embossing, and die-cutting for the production of labels on self-adhesive substrates, PP and PET.

The company also acquired a number of machines that presently comprise a specialized complex for the production of books and magazines. It includes a Dainippon Screen Plate Rate 8100 computer-to-plate, an 8-colour MAN Roland 700 rotation offset, a Steinemann Colibri 72 UV-lacquering machine, an MBO Combi K760 folding machine, and a Wohlenberg City 4000 automatic production line.

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In 1997 Janet 45 Print and Publishing purchased a large facility, spanning an area of over 10 000 sq. m., of which 4 057 sq. m. of existing production buildings. Over the ensuing years it has been fully refurbished and modernized.

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Since its inception, Janet 45 has established itself as a respected partner on the local and international markets owing to its uncompromising professionalism, high level of service, and successful adoption of advanced technologies.

At Janet 45 we consider the team of professionals we’ve built over the years our most valuable asset and greatest investment. To us maintaining a high level of service means nothing less than finding a personal approach to every client.

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Pre-press Studio

Studio Standart Ltd is a designer and pre-press studio established in 1992. It is located in the main administrative building of Janet 45 Print and Publishing. The studio is equipped with a fully-operational system for densitometric and colorometric control (pre-press and print) by GretagMacbeth, an Epson Stylus Pro 9600 large format high resolution printer for colour proofing, а Scitex Dolev 4press image setter, and a cutting-edge computer-to-plate Dainippon Screen Plate Rate 8100.

Studio Standart’ s creative team boasts numerous awards and mentions, including the Award of the German UNESCO Comission (Honorary Mention) at Stiftung Buchkunst (2003) for Graphic Design for History of a Love by Nedyalko Yordanov.

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The company releases versatile printed output. Labels for the wine, beer and spirits industries are its main area of specialisation. The balance of its produce includes packaging for the food and cosmetics industries, as well as high-end applications, such as magazines, posters, catalogues, calendars, books, brochures, greeting cards, and tourist maps. The inauguration of Janet 45’s closed production cycle for soft cover books and magazines in 2005 triggered a rapid growth of the company’s involvement in that segment of the industry over the last few months.

Janet 45 has a long tradition in label production for the wine market in Moldova, Russia, Armenia, and Georgia. Export to those countries accounts for a significant percentage of Janet 45’s turnover since the mid-1990s.

In Bulgaria Janet 45 has long-standing partnerships with some of the leading beer, wine, and spirits producers in the country. The Bulgarian branch of InBev, the world’s foremost beer manufacturer and a leader in sales in Bulgaria, has been working with Janet 45 for over 10 years, ever since its arrival on the market. Other notable customers include the Assenovgrad, Rose Valley, and Todoroff Wineries; Vinprom Peshtera and Sinhron Invest, two of the leading spirits producers in Bulgaria; large cosmetics companies, such as Aroma, Rubella, Refan, and Rosa Impex; Crystal Sugar Factory; Art Tomorrow, the leading producer of greeting cards in the country; Domino, the leading map manufacturer in Bulgaria; Shell Bulgaria; the foremost mobile operator in Bulgaria Mobiltel; and Billa, one of the leading hypermarket chains in the country.

Another long-lived partnership of Janet 45 is that with the International Plovdiv Fair, for whom the company prints all annual catalogues and advertising materials. Janet 45 was commissioned by the International Plovdiv Fair to produce the graphic design and print all catalogues and presentation materials for the official participation of Bulgaria at the EXPO 2000 in Hannover, Germany, and EXPO 2005 in Aichi, Japan.

Since 2002 Janet 45 has been printing books for publishing houses in Germany, France, and Great Britain. Janet 45’s closed production cycle for soft cover books and magazines is fully operational since early 2005. The company’s client portfoilio has expanded significantly since to include a number of leading publications such as Spisanie 1, Hi-Fi, Intro, Kanape, and the free weekly cultural guide Programata.

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Publishing House

The publishing company was established in 1992, a short time after the political changes in Eastern Europe brought about the reinstatement of competitive market economy. During the 1990s Janet 45 gradually earned itself a reputation as the foremost publisher of contemporary Bulgarian literature. In a period of rapidly changing values, characterised by the influx of "light reading" – erotic literature, thrillers and books on the occult dominated the Bulgarian book market for an entire decade, while the works of a whole generation of Bulgarian writers were subjected to total neglect – Janet 45 was running on a different track, publishing exclusively books by Bulgarian authors. It featured established names, as well as the works of young authors, virtually unknown outside of the literary circles.

In 2001 Janet 45 started a special series, aiming at introducing to the Bulgarian public talented debutants in the fields of poetry and prose, carefully selected by a specially appointed committee of respected Bulgarian writers and critics of all generations. Over 100 books have come out within this series to date, and for quite a few their debuts with Janet 45 have become a springboard to a succesful literary career. Some of Janet 45’s former debutants are now household names in the country, and have been translated in various European languages.

In 2002 Janet 45 Publishing was awarded two of the most prestigious literary awards in Bulgaria, the Golden Lion of the Union of Bulgarian Publishers for Overall Contribution to the Publishing of Bulgarian Literature, as well as the Hristo G. Danov Annual Award of the Bulgarian Ministry of Culture for Bulgarian Literature (Fiction). Janet 45 also received the Award of the German UNESCO Comission (Honorary Mention) at Stiftung Buchkunst (2003) for Graphic Design for History of a Love by Nedyalko Yordanov.

2003 saw the first two books by international authors published by the company. They are both works of fiction, by two of the most celebrated contemporary authors in Eastern Europe, Imre Kertes (Hungary) and Ismail Kadare (Albania). Both books are published in collaboration with Stigmati, a publishing company specializing in East European literature.

Janet 45’s intent to broaden its scope and add serious international names to its celebrated Bulgarian repertoire has been recently reiterated by the inauguration (jointly with Fakel Publishers) of a new series of contemporary Russian writers, covering most of the truly influential works from the last two decades.

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9 Al. Stamboliyski Blvd
4004 Plovdiv

Main phone and fax number:

+359 32 / 60 90 90
+359 32 / 60 90 60
Production Manager:
+359 32 / 60 90 59

+359 32 / 60 90 79
+359 32 / 60 90 50
Book Department:
+359 32 / 60 90 99

General e-mail address:

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